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  • Targeted writing help: sentence structure, spelling or punctuation.
  • Planning for longer writing tasks (including editing) for – creative writing or academic essays.
  • Literature revision – novels, plays & poetry.
  • Ongoing tuition to ensure you understand the content & can apply it in class.

Curriculum Development & Planning

  • Consultation to create dynamic curriculum that engages learning in a variety of contexts.
  • Long and medium term planning to ensure objectives and assessment outcomes are met.
  • Review of schemes of learning to align across year groups to ensure progression.
  • Resource development to facilitate home-learning and technologies in the classroom.

Coaching for Teachers & Subject Leaders

  • Mentoring for trainee teachers who are new to the classroom and need assistance with planning, assessment for learning and classroom management.
  • Coaching for teachers who are looking to diversify their skills by using technology and online tools.
  • Support for subject leaders who are trying to balance a team and demanding administrative tasks.

Lectures, Workshops & Interview Sessions

  • Appropriate for pre-service programs, career fairs and small group presentations.
  • Learn what international schools are looking for and how best to present your skills in an online interview.
  • Explore the benefits and challenges of teaching abroad before packing!
  • ‘Going Paperless in the Classroom’ & Online AFL workshops

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About Me

Marley Davidson

M. Ed., B. Ed., & B.A. Honours


  • English Language & Literature teacher
  • IB & IGCSE exam marking
  • Mentoring new and trainee teachers
  • Coaching developing subject leaders in management approaches
  • Educational policies
  • Curriculum mapping and planning
  • Planning effective online lessons
  • Incorporating online assessment tools
  • Engaging reluctant learners
  • Behaviour management strategies & implementation
  • Creating a positive classroom environment
  • Time management
  • International teaching & interview preparation
  • Workshops on teaching & learning

My Story

Thirteen years ago I left Canada for the United Kingdom; I had just graduated from university with my degree in English and a Bachelors of Education.

Little did I know what I had gotten myself into: a whole new curriculum, culture, and a career for which I was not fully prepared.

I wished then that I had a mentor.

Teaching in a state school in Kent, I quickly found my footing and developed the skills to manage my classroom and challenging student behaviours. After some experience and a lot of pedagogical reading, I became a curriculum coordinator with a particular penchant for supporting underperforming students.

Then I decided it was time to relocate again and challenge myself even further. I moved to Thailand where I introduced new curriculum, redeveloped the libraries, and coordinated curriculum for three year groups in an interdisciplinary and theme-based curriculum.

A passion for teaching and transforming the lives around me was born.

For the past few years, I have been teaching in Brunei and completing my Masters in International Education whilst mentoring new and trainee teachers on honing their skills in planning, assessment, differentiation, and classroom management.

My research has been focussed on leadership in middle management which has led me towards collaborating and empowering local subject leaders.

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