My Great Canadian Food Adventure (Ontario & East Coast)

So Canada is a good place for Celiacs. I only starved thrice – on Korean Airlines to Toronto, ¬†and in Campbellford, Ontario and Ingonish, Nova Scotia. It can be a bit tricky to cater for my diet, as I require gluten and dairy free, but choose not to eat meat. I still have fish andContinue reading “My Great Canadian Food Adventure (Ontario & East Coast)”

Exploring ‘the rose of the north’ – Chiang Mai

This lovely walled city is called ‘the rose of the north’ and it is easy to understand why. Less hustle and bustle, plus genuinely friendly people make this a nice destination for travelers. While you may find the cost of travelling here cheaper compared to Bangkok, you will also notice that there is a slowerContinue reading “Exploring ‘the rose of the north’ – Chiang Mai”