Into the Jungle

My name is Marley and I am (currently) an English teacher employed in an international school in Asia. But not for long! As I transition from security to uncertainty, I will document my achievements and challenges. I hope to share videos on my youtube channel and regularly post beautiful photography on my instagram account. If you’re a teacherContinue reading “Into the Jungle”

Panchakarma Treatment, Sri Lanka

While visiting one of my yogi friends in Australia this spring, she mentioned that I should do a panchakarma treatment over the summer. Since last summer was all about the transition from Thailand to Brunei, I didn’t have the time or money to do a detox. She explained that panchakarma is an Ayurvedic treatment, thousandsContinue reading “Panchakarma Treatment, Sri Lanka”

“I’m coming to Thailand. How do I tell people I need gluten free food?”

A few people have asked me this recently, and I got caught in a new restaurant without my card. So I’m going to share a little translation with you, that you can print and take out for dining. It’s helped me heaps – however you may need someone to slightly change some of the wordsContinue reading ““I’m coming to Thailand. How do I tell people I need gluten free food?””

Temple Hopping & Snacking in Bagan

After a few sweaty days of motorbikes and dusty streets in Mandalay, Bagan was a refreshing feast for the eyes! I stayed at the Bagan Umbra Hotel and was pleased with the pool and accommodation. Rooms ranged from 40-90USD depending on what you wanted. They had a newer wing with rooms overlooking the pool andContinue reading “Temple Hopping & Snacking in Bagan”