Setting homework that is relevant & enriching

Setting homework “for homework’s sake” creates more effort and aggravation for everyone involved. When setting homework for a class, be sure to consider: How is it relevant to your students’ learning?? Is it consolidation? Is it to practise a skill? Is it preparation for another lesson? Is it to assess their knowledge and/or understanding ofContinue reading “Setting homework that is relevant & enriching”

Into the Jungle

My name is Marley and I am (currently) an English teacher employed in an international school in Asia. But not for long! As I transition from security to uncertainty, I will document my achievements and challenges. I hope to share videos on my youtube channel and regularly post beautiful photography on my instagram account. If you’re a teacherContinue reading “Into the Jungle”

We are all literacy teachers!

Even though you may not be an English teacher, we are all responsible for supporting students’ language acquisition and literacy. Here are some ways you can do this in your classroom: Pre-teach vocabulary at the start of the lesson or set as homework to reinforce understanding. Fill in the blank, Cloze exercises, matching vocab toContinue reading “We are all literacy teachers!”

IGCSE Literature Advice for Yr11 Students

As a result of Covid-19, the Literature exam by Edexcel has been shortened – students no longer need to study the anthology poetry. Yippee! However, students may not physically study for the Unseen Poetry section as they may think there isn’t any poetry. They couldn’t be more wrong! Remind your students to revise their languageContinue reading “IGCSE Literature Advice for Yr11 Students”

Use lesson planning to tackle disruptive behaviours

1. Give clear instructions Often students chatter after instructions if they don’t understand what it is they need to do. Curb this by having 1-3 students repeat back with steps. And don’t forget to choose your command verbs carefully, so that there’s no confusion. 2. Break large tasks into several smaller ones When students areContinue reading “Use lesson planning to tackle disruptive behaviours”