Beautiful Bali

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Today’s post is all about surviving gluten free on the little lovely island of Bali. Known for its beaches, rice terraces and black volcanic sands, Bali is great little island paradise that caters for many appetites.

I was fortunate to stay for 8 days during my Songkran  holidays and discovered some interesting things when it comes to food and its customs:

  • Balinese people love to fry things
  • They cook with fish and soy sauce
  • Rice noodles and wrappers can be found in most restaurants
  • Fresh fruit juices are delicious
  • Black rice pudding is WAY TOO SWEET for even the most devout sweet tooths out there!
  • There are 2 major wine producers in Bali – Two Islands and Hagan. Both are quite nice (and cheaper if you purchase in shops instead of restaurants!)

Taste testing some Balinese recipes!

Overall, eating out and dining in restaurants was ok once I realized that soy sauce was used in the peanut sauce and sometimes in the curry. Grilled fish and things cooked in base gede (or yellow curry paste) were gluten free.

For breakfast I would normally have boiled eggs, fresh fruit with yogurt or a vegetable omelette.

Lunches were usually rice with grilled chicken or fish, and a vegetable dish called sayut urab.

And of course, if it was too hot for lunch I would have gelato (whilst in Ubud)!

Also in Ubud, I dined at a couple delicious Indian restaurants and the Monsieur Spoon cafe!

My hotel restaurant was also quite helpful. I stayed at Anulekha Resort & Villas about 6km outside of Ubud, nestled amongst the rice fields. It was very peaceful and the optimal place to catch up on my sleep.

And don’t worry! Besides the fresh fruit and yogurt, there were plenty of snacks available in the grocery stores. Here’s just a few things I stocked up on for snacking.

Here’s a few websites that helped me prepare for the journey:


Bahasa & Indonesian gluten free restaurant cards 

Gluten free breads and snacks in Bali

Poppies Restaurant

Little Miss Bali

2 Silly Sisters Gluten Free in Bali

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