My Great Canadian Food Adventure (Ontario & East Coast)

So Canada is a good place for Celiacs. I only starved thrice – on Korean Airlines to Toronto,  and in Campbellford, Ontario and Ingonish, Nova Scotia.

It can be a bit tricky to cater for my diet, as I require gluten and dairy free, but choose not to eat meat. I still have fish and eggs though. People generally get confused.

But back to the highlights:

I had a stopover in Seoul before Toronto. A friend recommended babimbap – rice served in a hot bowl with veggies and or meat. There is no soy sauce in that or the kimchi. However, I was unsure about the other three bowls. But this dish was pretty hearty. They serve it with a raw egg on the top, which you can mix in with the rice.


Toronto and Ottawa were very easy to navigate. With the help of this website, I knew where to go and find some delectable treats – www.glutenfree


This is how I found the gluten free AND vegetarian poutine in Kensington!

Raw vegan food at Cafe My House – lasagne

My favourites in Ottawa were Cafe My House and The Table (both on Wellington St) and The Green Door Cafe (on Main St).

My grandpa brought this back from his shopping spree. I was pleasantly surprised with the cinnamon buns. The raisin bread made great breakfasts and French toast! He also picked me up a vegan cheesecake – amAZIng!image

My grandmother was pretty good about feeding me. We had fresh fish, with roasted veggies and a lovely strawberry salad.


Now onto the East Coast Fare:

This was a typical camping/hiking lunch. Thank goodness for humus and gluten free beer!

And yes, I did hike with a frozen beer. I wasn’t driving 🙂


I travelled with some Thai curry spice packs and managed to use two while I was a guest in people’s houses. This here is a green curry with shrimp.

Another great thing was all the fresh seafood, including lobster!

Under attack!
Lobster the New England way – with corn on the cob.

We found a place called Masstown Market in Nova Scotia that served a number of gluten free items. I tried the battered and deep fried (rice flour) fish and scallops.

image image

I was lucky in Charlottetown, PEI as well. I had Thai flavoured mussels with smoked salmon and potato cakes at a place called Fishbones.

image My first taste of scallops was at the Telegraph House in Baddeck, Cape Breton. Their whole menu was gluten free. It was quite impressive (and posh).


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2 thoughts on “My Great Canadian Food Adventure (Ontario & East Coast)

  1. Usually you don’t have to be worried when on any kind of diet in Toronto. The food culture is pretty diverse around here, and the orientation among restaurants is also sufficiently good, I think. Starting from Raw Food, through Vegetarian & Vegan restaurants, locally grown food, ethnic food, up to fast foods. The offer is splendid and the food is in general of very high quality, delicious and tasty (fast food on your own risk). These are some raw food restaurants I really like, Raw Restaurants in Toronto they are definitely worth a try next time you are in Toronto.

    Btw, I would be very interested in the strawberry salad recipe, sounds yummy!


    1. Thanks for that info! I was very impressed with what I found in TO, despite spending so little time there.

      I am awaiting the dressing recipe from my Grama. Will post it when she gets back to me!


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